Beauty at Brussels with loads of chocolates and a hint of humor

Early March, fresh off of a week of temperatures around -25°C(-13°F) at home in Central Pennsylvania, I land at Brussels with about 85 pounds of luggage for my 5 week(mostly solo) vacation, hoping for some warm(er) weather. Since I was all about cutting corners during my vacation(save for scuba at Malta) I chose to take the Metro to my Hostel at Grand Place. As I stepped out of the metro onto the cold, rainy and gloomy looking street for a 25 min walk to downtown Brussels a wave of apprehension swept over me.

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Every Breaking Wave in Mexico

Ever heard a song at a particular place or time or at a key moment in your life and always associate that song at said instance? Ever go back to a place or moment in your past either physically or mentally and remember a song? My life is made up of several of these ‘mapped moments’ throughout my life.Read More »

Comparison of HDR techniques

I recently went on a week-long vacation to Trinidad & Tobago(more about the trip later). I took several pictures of the natural beauty that the islands had to offer. I experimented with High Dynamic Range(HDR) as I normally do and ended up with the above picture, a combination of three pictures shot at different light exposure levels and “stitched” together.

I had a couple of friends ask me how I took this picture, how to do HDR and if HDR is possible with just one picture or if the same output can be achieved with one picture made into three with exposure levels altered by post-processing and then stitched together.

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