Every Breaking Wave in Mexico

Ever heard a song at a particular place or time or at a key moment in your life and always associate that song at said instance? Ever go back to a place or moment in your past either physically or mentally and remember a song? My life is made up of several of these ‘mapped moments’ throughout my life.

These moments range from the song fresh on my mind when I had a crush on a girl or the song in the background the first time I talked to another crush on the phone or the entire album I had previously bought the moment I fell in love or the artist I had just started listening to when I moved all the way over the world across seas, countries and cultures, to the new U2 song ‘Every Breaking Wave’ that I listened to on repeat a week before I went to Puerto Peñasco, Mexico.

My life seems to be made up of these ‘key moments’ and I think back about them consciously or sub-consciously with a smile on my face. These are the moments I live(d) my life for. They represent who I was and who I am. But I can’t help notice that most of these moments save for ‘Every Breaking Wave’ occurred more than 8 years ago. My life has gotten unarguably better the past few years in almost every aspect. I feel like I have almost complete control of life now, I have traveled to seven more countries after my trip to Mexico and had several amazing experiences, yet I can’t seem to force my brain to trigger these “mappings”. Am I deluding myself into thinking I am much better off now? Or did the brain compensate for my past insecurity and in-completion by ‘latching’ onto happy memories and mapping them?


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