Beauty at Brussels with loads of chocolates and a hint of humor

Early March, fresh off of a week of temperatures around -25°C(-13°F) at home in Central Pennsylvania, I land at Brussels with about 85 pounds of luggage for my 5 week(mostly solo) vacation, hoping for some warm(er) weather. Since I was all about cutting corners during my vacation(save for scuba at Malta) I chose to take the Metro to my Hostel at Grand Place. As I stepped out of the metro onto the cold, rainy and gloomy looking street for a 25 min walk to downtown Brussels a wave of apprehension swept over me.

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Every Breaking Wave in Mexico

Ever heard a song at a particular place or time or at a key moment in your life and always associate that song at said instance? Ever go back to a place or moment in your past either physically or mentally and remember a song? My life is made up of several of these ‘mapped moments’ throughout my life.Read More »